Gloucestershire County Cricket League cricket grounds in England

Map of Gloucestershire County Cricket League stadiums

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List of Gloucestershire County Cricket League stadiums

0/45 grounds visited (0%)

Apperley CCApperley CC
School Road
Arcadians Nine Elms CCArcadians Nine Elms CC
King George V Playing Fields
Aston Ingham CCAston Ingham CC
The Stockings Field
Birdlip & Brimpsfield CCBirdlip & Brimpsfield CC
Sinclair Field
Cam CCCam CC
Chipping Campden CCChipping Campden CC
The Bratch
Churchdown CCChurchdown CC
John Daniels Playing Field
Cinderford St John CCCinderford St John CC
Whimsey Road
Cranham CC (Gloucs)Cranham CC (Gloucs)
The Knoll
Cricklade CCCricklade CC
Down Hatherley CCDown Hatherley CC
The Leasowe
Dymock CCDymock CC
The Pound
Eastcombe CCEastcombe CC
Eastcombe Recreational Fields
Eldersfield CCEldersfield CC
Harp Meadow
Fairford CCFairford CC
Park Street
Frampton on Severn CCFrampton on Severn CC
The Green
Gloucester AIW CCGloucester AIW CC
The Crypt School
Great Rissington CCGreat Rissington CC
Great Rissington Cricket Field
Haresfield Gladiators CCHaresfield Gladiators CC
The Merryfield
Hawkesbury Upton CCHawkesbury Upton CC
John Hawkins Ground
Kings Stanley CCKings Stanley CC
Marling Recreation Ground
Kingsholm CCKingsholm CC
Sandhurst Lane
Langford CC (Oxon)Langford CC (Oxon)
The Wickets
Lechlade CCLechlade CC
The Manor Ground
Lydney CCLydney CC
Swan Road
Minchinhampton CCMinchinhampton CC
Stuart Playing Fields
Newent CCNewent CC
Three Ashes
Oaksey CCOaksey CC
Oaksey Playing Field
Oldlands CCOldlands CC
Station Road
Parkend CCParkend CC
Crown Lane
Poulton CCPoulton CC
Cricklade Street
Quedgeley & Hardwicke CCQuedgeley & Hardwicke CC
Kingsway Sports Ground
Redmarley CCRedmarley CC
Playley Green
Rockhampton CCRockhampton CC
Moorslade Lane
Sheepscombe CCSheepscombe CC
Laurie Lee Field
Shurdington CCShurdington CC
King George Playing Field
Stone CC (Gloucs)Stone CC (Gloucs)
Booth Field
Tetbury CCTetbury CC
Memorial Recreation Ground
Tormarton CCTormarton CC
Tormarton Road
Ullenwood Bharat CCUllenwood Bharat CC
The Cotswold Chase Ground
Upton St Leonards CCUpton St Leonards CC
Birchall Lane
Westbury on Severn CCWestbury on Severn CC
Six Bells
Whitminster CCWhitminster CC
School Lane
Woodmancote CCWoodmancote CC
Bushcombe Close
Woodpeckers CC (Gloucs)Woodpeckers CC (Gloucs)
Woodpeckers Close

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Gloucestershire County Cricket League Information

NameGloucestershire County Cricket League
Level on pyramid6
Promotion to (one of)West of England Premier Cricket League - Bristol & North Somerset
West of England Premier Cricket League - Gloucestershire
West of England Premier Cricket League - Somerset
West of England Premier Cricket League - Wiltshire

Best supported teams in Gloucestershire County Cricket League

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Apperley CC0
2.Arcadians Nine Elms CC0
3.Aston Ingham CC0
4.Birdlip & Brimpsfield CC0
5.Cam CC0
6.Chipping Campden CC0
7.Churchdown CC0
8.Cinderford St John CC0
9.Cranham CC (Gloucs)0
10.Cricklade CC0
11.Down Hatherley CC0
12.Dymock CC0
13.Eastcombe CC0
14.Eldersfield CC0
15.Fairford CC0
16.Frampton on Severn CC0
17.Gloucester AIW CC0
18.Great Rissington CC0
19.Haresfield Gladiators CC0
20.Hawkesbury Upton CC0
21.Kings Stanley CC0
22.Kingsholm CC0
23.Langford CC (Oxon)0
24.Lechlade CC0
25.Lydney CC0
26.Minchinhampton CC0
27.Newent CC0
28.Oaksey CC0
29.Oldlands CC0
30.Parkend CC0
31.Poulton CC0
32.Quedgeley & Hardwicke CC0
33.Redmarley CC0
34.Rockhampton CC0
35.Sheepscombe CC0
36.Shurdington CC0
37.Stone CC (Gloucs)0
38.Tetbury CC0
39.Tormarton CC0
40.Ullenwood Bharat CC0
41.Upton St Leonards CC0
42.Westbury on Severn CC0
43.Whitminster CC0
44.Woodmancote CC0
45.Woodpeckers CC (Gloucs)0
  • Most fans in Gloucestershire County Cricket League: 0 - Apperley CC
  • Fewest fans in Gloucestershire County Cricket League: 0 - Woodpeckers CC (Gloucs)
  • Total Gloucestershire County Cricket League fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Gloucestershire County Cricket League: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Gloucestershire County Cricket League?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Apperley CC0.00
2.Arcadians Nine Elms CC0.00
3.Aston Ingham CC0.00
4.Birdlip & Brimpsfield CC0.00
5.Cam CC0.00
6.Chipping Campden CC0.00
7.Churchdown CC0.00
8.Cinderford St John CC0.00
9.Cranham CC (Gloucs)0.00
10.Cricklade CC0.00
11.Down Hatherley CC0.00
12.Dymock CC0.00
13.Eastcombe CC0.00
14.Eldersfield CC0.00
15.Fairford CC0.00
16.Frampton on Severn CC0.00
17.Gloucester AIW CC0.00
18.Great Rissington CC0.00
19.Haresfield Gladiators CC0.00
20.Hawkesbury Upton CC0.00
21.Kings Stanley CC0.00
22.Kingsholm CC0.00
23.Langford CC (Oxon)0.00
24.Lechlade CC0.00
25.Lydney CC0.00
26.Minchinhampton CC0.00
27.Newent CC0.00
28.Oaksey CC0.00
29.Oldlands CC0.00
30.Parkend CC0.00
31.Poulton CC0.00
32.Quedgeley & Hardwicke CC0.00
33.Redmarley CC0.00
34.Rockhampton CC0.00
35.Sheepscombe CC0.00
36.Shurdington CC0.00
37.Stone CC (Gloucs)0.00
38.Tetbury CC0.00
39.Tormarton CC0.00
40.Ullenwood Bharat CC0.00
41.Upton St Leonards CC0.00
42.Westbury on Severn CC0.00
43.Whitminster CC0.00
44.Woodmancote CC0.00
45.Woodpeckers CC (Gloucs)0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Gloucestershire County Cricket League: 0 grounds visited - Apperley CC
  • Least travelled fans in Gloucestershire County Cricket League: 0 grounds visited - Woodpeckers CC (Gloucs)
  • Average # grounds visited in Gloucestershire County Cricket League: 0.00

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