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Who has been to the most cricket grounds?

This page shows you the list of the top fans who are registered on Cricket Ground Map, ordered by the number of grounds they have visited.

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User Supports # Visited
1An image of scoffer89ascoffer89aEssex169
2An image of karldaxkarldaxGloucestershire96
3An image of magpieyippymagpieyippyYorkshire89
4An image of rossrossWorcestershire80
5An image of joshfairhurst11joshfairhurst11Essex75
6An image of crowtrobotcrowtrobotEssex52
7An image of noddybrownnoddybrownSouth Northumberland CC47
8An image of neil-thorogoodneil-thorogoodEssex46
9An image of chgaschgasGloucestershire45
10An image of bradford1bradford1Lancashire44
11An image of datkodatkoDurham43
12An image of nickcatleynickcatleyNorthamptonshire37
13An image of iandadeiandadeKegworth Town CC34
14An image of ozzyspursozzyspursMiddlesex33
15An image of bcfcdavebcfcdaveSomerset35
15An image of milksmilksWarwickshire32
17An image of panonspanonsEssex31
18An image of blacksaintblacksaintWarfield CC28
19An image of bowlesiebowlesieYorkshire25
19An image of stevesteveEssex25
21An image of mnelsonmnelsonDerbyshire20
21An image of willp21willp21Nottinghamshire20
23An image of weymouthpieweymouthpieNottinghamshire19
24An image of crd60crd60Warwickshire17
24An image of elliottbagnallelliottbagnallDerbyshire17
24An image of straightbatstraightbatPurton CC17
27An image of christoschristosWorcestershire16
27An image of statto95statto95Warwickshire16
29An image of ingsy1ingsy1Derbyshire14
29An image of malarchymalarchyEssex14
29An image of povery59povery59Middlesex14
32An image of carocharcarocharSurrey13
32An image of phillbphillbEssex13
34An image of elliottcharleselliottcharlesYorkshire12
34An image of scarborianscarborianYorkshire12
36An image of pinstapinstaQueensland10
37An image of leftiedenleftiedenEssex9
37An image of lukio25-lukio25-Yorkshire9
37An image of manchoppermanchopperLancashire9
40An image of am96am96Lancashire8
40An image of oliverwatsonoliverwatsonLeicestershire8
40An image of tigerfaniantigerfanianYorkshire9
43An image of actaylor96actaylor96Swindon CC7
43An image of barrowjackbarrowjackLancashire7
43An image of jho08jho08Yorkshire7
43An image of jhorspooljhorspoolEssex7
47An image of eastlondonwalleastlondonwallEssex6
47An image of liapunov1liapunov1Middlesex6
49An image of stuff10stuff10Yorkshire5
50An image of cg12cg12Somerset4
51An image of stuartgrantstuartgrantSurrey4
52An image of tomscarbitomscarbiMiddlesex2
53An image of crugmawrcrugmawrGlamorgan1
53An image of pompeyandypompeyandyHampshire1
53An image of riversidefan44riversidefan44Durham1
53An image of zaheerzaheerGuyana1
57An image of ashleybrooks93ashleybrooks93Kent0
57An image of joelg123joelg123Kent0
57An image of kyanp01kyanp01Essex0
57An image of mickeyhurst70mickeyhurst70Derbyshire0
57An image of paulfpaulfWorcestershire0
57An image of raghuraghuLancashire0
57An image of tyketykeYorkshire0
57An image of zkellyzkellyHyde CC0

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1. Essex13
2. Yorkshire11
3. Somerset6
4. Lancashire6
5. Middlesex5
6. Warwickshire5
7. Derbyshire4
8. Surrey4
9. Worcestershire3
10. Durham3