Advertise your business with Cricket Ground Map

Looking to advertise your business to a wider audience? Cricket Ground Map is the perfect place to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. We have several different ways to get your brand in front of our members, catering from small companies to large multinationals.

What is Cricket Ground Map?

Cricket Ground Map was founded in 2007 by Rob Clarkson, a website developer from the red half of Sheffield. The site allows dedicated cricket fans from up and down the country to create a map of the cricket grounds they have visited, upload photos and write reviews. Since its launch, the site has expanded to include 4,000+ stadiums from all over the world and has a total of 87 registered users.

Our members are fanatical about what they do, following their team over land and sea, clicking up thousands of miles in the process. They are the fans which keep the beautiful game alive - passionate and dedicated to following their team wherever the fixture list takes them.

Opportunities available

Website sponsorship

The best way to get your name out there - sponsorship of the whole website includes exactly what it says:

Banner advertising

We have a variety of banner spaces that can be used, with the option of adding specific banners to targeted pages, if required. Our most prominent banners are seen on all pages of the website, sitting at the top and bottom of each page of content. We can also place banners in the content, if desired.

Email sponsorship

Our bi-monthly email is sent out to over 40,000 people and has an industry leading open rate meaning your company's name and message gets directly into the inbox and thoughts of our most dedicated cricket fans. The responsive design of our email also means that they display beautifully on mobile devices, so your message is received no matter where your customer is. Click here to see the latest newsletter.

Pop-overs and pop-unders

Due to their intrusive nature and impact on user experience, I do not all pop-over or pop-under ads on the site.

Advertising on dedicated team and ground pages

Each team and ground on our website has a dedicated page with information about it. These pages are incredibly useful and include statistics, photos, reviews, directions and facts. They are some of the most popular pages on the site and are a great way to advertise your product to interested fans.

Supporters will generally use the pages to research about a stadium which they are planning to visit. As a result, it's a great place to advertise for companies who cater for away supporters, for example:

An example of a team page: Sheffield United
An example of a ground page: Bramall Lane

Interested in advertising with Cricket Ground Map?

If you're interested in advertising with Cricket Ground Map, please click here to contact Rob.